Welcome to our ‘Home Education Curriculum Reviews’ section, where we delve into the world of educational resources, offering insightful evaluations to help you make informed choices for your home-based learning journey. All of these curriculum reviews are of books and websites that we have used within our own home education.

Home Education Curriculum Reviews – Key Stage One and Two


Apples and Pears – A review of this English Spelling programme by Sound Foundations
Collins Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Pupil Book


Math Mammoth Light Blue Series – A full math curriculum that consists of worktexts that include the instruction and the exercises all in the same book.  


Twinkl Website Review – A Comprehensive Educational Resource for Home Education
CGP Discover and Learn Romans in Britain – An educational resource for introducing young learners to the historical era of Romans in Britain.

Key Stage Three Curriculum Reviews

Myths and Legends KS3 English Anthology Series Review of this English Anthology by Hodder
Arduino Coding Curriculum A review of how we have used Arduino Coding in our Home Education