Collins: Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Pupil Book

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Primary Curriculum: English

The Collins Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Pupil Book  by Abigail Steel is a resource book for young learners who are beginning their journey into improving their language skills. There are 6 pupil books that are aimed at years 1 to 6 primary age children which equates to 5 year olds to 11 year olds. The book is published by Collins as part of the  Treasure House series. It is designed to engage children in a fun and interactive way.

What We Thought

The book is clear and printed in an accessible format. The content is presented in a child-friendly manner that makes it easy for young learners to grasp and understand. The book covers a small selection of topics on vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, The problem is that it does not go into detail or cover much on any of the topics.

The entire workbook is only 19 pages to cover all three parts, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.  For the price of the book I feel that there are better resources available.

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What my son did not like was that for many of the exercises it was copy out the sentence. Once the sentence is copied it was either correcting it or underlining mistakes.  He did like that the activities in the book are short but he thought that they were not very interesting. 

Example page of the Collins Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Pupil Book 1

The Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation book includes colorful illustrations and engaging visuals. These visuals help bring the content to life and make it more engaging for young readers. The book strikes a good balance between informative text and visual elements, making it appealing and captivating for children.

Can it be used as a Full Curriculum?

The simple answer here is definitely no. There is no depth within the book that explains different concepts that the children should know.  Very little of the actual curriculum is covered in a pupil book. What is covered is superficial and definitely needs other resources for children to understand the concept.

Overall we felt that the Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation by Abigail Steel is a useful resource for young learners embarking on their language development journey as an additional workbook to reinforce a limited number of topics. There is not enough topics covered in the book and there are better resources available for the money.