Free Printable Multiplication Charts 

These printable multiplication charts are great to help your kids learn their times tables. When we were learning our times tables we had a few of these printed out.  I laminated them and stuck one on the wall and we used another on the table to help with memorisation.   

Multiplication is essential not only in our homeschool but in everyday life.  These grids are a fantastic visual aid tool for parents to help kids solve problems and apply them to other mathematical concepts. 

What Is Multiplication?

Before using a multiplication chart it is important that your child understands the concept of multiplication. 

Multiplication is the same thing as repeated addition. If you take a look at 4 x 3 it is the same as adding 4 three times.  

4 x 3 is the same as adding the number 4 three times.

4 + 4 + 4

 Understanding that multiplication is repeated addition makes it seem a bit less intimidating.

What Is A Multiplication Chart?

A multiplication chart is a table that shows the result when two numbers are multiplied.  You can use a multiplication grid to help you find the product of two numbers.  

How To Use A Multiplication Chart

If you look at your multiplication chart along the top row are numbers 1 – 12 and along the first column again are the numbers 1 – 12.To work out a multiplication question such as 4 x 7 find the 4 on the top row and 7 in the first column .Then follow the grid in a straight line down from the 4 and across from the 7.  The square where the paths cross contains the answer (28).

Multiplication grid

Multiplication charts can be used as a study tool to help you memorise all the times tables. When studying, focus on one row or column of the chart at a time. Once you’ve mastered one times table, move on to another one. Before long you will have the entire chart committed to memory.

Free download - multiplication charts

How To Download Your Free Printable Multiplication Charts 

If you would like a copy of our free multiplication charts in pdf format just fill in the details below and get your copy today.

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