Creative Notebook Ideas: 15 Ways to Foster Kids’ Creativity

Notebook Creative Ideas: for using a notebook with kids.

A Notebook is a staple of most home educators for our kid’s written work. But if you are anything like me then you have a tendency to buy far too many. 

Why do we do this?

I see a lovely design on the cover of a notebook and somehow it manages to come home with me. I have been thinking of ideas for using these fantastic notebooks and came up with many different ways to get the most out of them.  With a notebook, you can easily foster kids creativity and keep their minds active.

Brainstorming and Free-Writing

One great way to use a notebook is for brainstorming and free-writing. If your child has an idea they want to explore, or they’re working on a writing project, a notebook is the perfect place to start jotting down their initial thoughts.


Notebooks are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes with kids. One fun way to use them is for storytelling. You can help your child to create their own story. This is a great way to encourage their creativity and help them develop their storytelling skills.  

Family Journal Notebook

Get the whole family involved with this one, a family journal. Take one of your notebooks and have each family member write down one thing they did each day, or one thought or feeling they had.  This is a great idea to get reluctant writers started as they will not want to be the only member of the family not to participate.  It is also a lovely keepsake for your children for future years.

Notice and Wonder

One of the best ways to get kids interested in writing is to help them notice the amazing world around them. You can do this by asking them to keep a journal of things they notice and wonder about each day. This could be anything from the way the sun sets to the way different animals move. 

Not only is this a great way to get kids thinking about writing, but it also helps them develop a sense of curiosity and wonder about life.  This can be further developed within home education by then researching the answers to questions they have.

Doodling and Drawing

One of our favorite ways to use an unused notebook is for doodling and drawing in. This is a fantastic way to unleash their creativity as they can draw what they wish.  Try having a look at some YouTube channels for inspiration.  This also helps them improve their artistic skills without any constraints. 

Memory Notebook

Use them as a memory book. Encourage your children to collect photos, tickets, and other mementos from special events and put them in a notebook to create a  memory scrapbook. 

Comic Strip Notebook

Comic strips are a great way to get kids excited about writing. They’re fun, visually stimulating, and provide a great opportunity for storytelling. Here are a few tips for creating your own comic strips with your kids:

  • Choose a simple, looping plotline that’s easy to follow.
  • Create characters that kids can easily identify with.
  • Use bright, bold colors and simple designs to keep things visually interesting.
  • Let your kids be creative! Encourage them to come up with their own storylines and dialog.

Have fun! Comics are a great way to encourage kids to write, and they’re a lot of fun to create together.

Word Games

One easy way to use notebooks with kids is to play word games. You can make up your own games, or use ones that are popular, like Hangman.

Use notebooks to help kids learn new words. Write a word on one page, and then have them write a definition or example sentence on the next. Or, have them make a list of words they want to learn to spell.


Let kids draw maps in their notebooks. Whether it’s custom imaginary maps or guiding you to the local park, mapping is a fun and engaging activity. Create a “treasure hunt map” challenge where they design a map leading to a hidden treasure in the house or garden.

Nature Journal Notebook

Encourage your children to connect with nature by maintaining a nature journal in their notebook. They can record their observations of plants, animals, and natural phenomena. Add a “nature exploration” section, where they paste pressed flowers or leaves collected during outdoor adventures.

Interview Diary 

Transform the notebook into an “interview diary” where kids can interview family members, friends, or even fictional characters they create. This activity not only fosters creativity but also enhances their communication and interpersonal skills.

Dream Journal Notebook

Inspire your child’s imagination by encouraging them to keep a dream journal. In the morning, they can write down their dreams or draw images related to their dream experiences.


Turn the notebook into a travelogue for your child’s adventures. Whether it’s a trip to a new city or a visit to a local museum, they can document their experiences, paste ticket stubs, and draw scenes from their journey.

Gratitude Journal  Notebook

Promote a positive mindset by creating a “gratitude journal” section in their notebook. Each day, they can write down things they are grateful for, fostering a sense of appreciation and happiness.

Science and Experiment Notes 

For budding scientists, use the notebook as a science journal. They can record experiments, observations, and hypotheses, fostering their interest in scientific inquiry.

There are just so many ways to use notebooks with kids.  The possibilities are endless with a notebook.  Ask your children if they can think of any unique ideas as they may just amaze you with things that they can think up.. Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for using those notebooks that you have stashed away

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