Space Writing Prompts: Explore the Cosmos

space Writing Prompts

If you’re looking for writing prompts that will inspire kids to explore space and develop their writing skills, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some space-themed writing prompts that will spark your child’s imagination and help them to improve their writing skills:

Space Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. A day in the life of an astronaut
  2. Write a story about a space mission gone wrong
  3. Design a space station that can support human life
  4. Write a biography of a famous astronaut
  5. Assume you have a robot friend from another planet; compose a story about your adventures together.
  6. Compose a poem about the night sky’s splendour.
  7. How would you fare if you were stuck on an extraterrestrial planet?
  8. Compose a letter to your future self, who will be living in a space colony.
  9. Create a rocket ship capable of transporting humans to the edge of the cosmos.
  10. Consider yourself the first person to set foot on a distant planet; explain what you see and how you feel.
  11. Make up a story about a crew of space travellers who come across an abandoned alien vessel.
  12. Create a space station that can produce its own food and water.
  13. Imagine being part of a team that discovers a new galaxy – describe the sights and sounds you encounter.
  14. Write a story about a group of space explorers who encounter a mysterious, energy-based life form.
  15. Imagine that you have a pet alien – describe its appearance and personality.
  16. Write a diary entry from the perspective of an astronaut on a long-term mission to explore the universe.
  17. Design a space habitat that can support a human population for generations.
  18. Imagine that you have been chosen to communicate with an alien civilization – what do you say?
  19. Write a story about a group of space adventurers who must navigate through an asteroid field.
  20. Imagine that you are on a mission to terraform a planet – describe the process and the challenges.
  21. Write a story about a group of explorers who discover a planet that appears to be completely covered in water.
  22. Design a spacecraft that can explore the surface of a gas giant planet.
  23. Imagine that you are a scientist studying a strange phenomenon in space – what do you discover?
  24. Write a story about a group of astronauts who must survive a crash landing on a distant planet.
  25. Imagine that you are part of a team that discovers an ancient alien artifact – describe what you find and its significance.
  26. Write a story about a group of space travelers who must find a way to repair their ship’s navigation system before they are lost in space forever.
  27. Imagine that you are part of a colony on a distant planet – describe what life is like and how it differs from life on Earth.

Five Extra Writing Prompts

Space Writing Prompts for kids

Writing Prompt 1: Design Your Own Planet

With this writing challenge, you can encourage your child to let their imagination run wild! Let them create their own planet, complete with ecology, scenery, and inhabitants. Ask them to consider the distinguishing qualities that would set their planet apart from others, as well as the potential obstacles that its residents would encounter. This writing assignment is a fantastic approach to help your child’s imagination and creativity grow.

Writing Prompt 2: Space Adventure Story

Challenge your child to write a captivating space adventure story, complete with a heroic protagonist, a thrilling plot, and plenty of twists and turns. Encourage them to think about the challenges that their hero might face, and the dangers they might encounter along the way. This writing prompt is an excellent way to develop your child’s storytelling skills and help them to create engaging narratives.

Writing Prompt 3: Letter to an Alien

Encourage your child to put their descriptive writing skills to the test with this writing prompt! Have them imagine that they are writing a letter to an alien from another planet, and encourage them to describe their own planet and way of life in detail. This writing prompt is an excellent way to help your child to develop their descriptive writing skills and learn how to paint vivid pictures with words.

Writing Prompt 4: Space Poem

If your child loves poetry, this writing prompt is perfect for them! Encourage them to write a space-themed poem, inspired by the beauty and wonder of the universe. Encourage them to think about the vivid colors, textures, and sounds of space. Get them to use their imagination to create a poem that captures the essence of the cosmos.

Writing Prompt 5: Mission to Mars

For kids who are interested in science and technology, this writing prompt is an excellent way to develop their scientific writing skills. Have them imagine that they are part of a team on a mission to Mars. Encourage them to write a story about their experiences. Ask them to think about the challenges of space travel and the unique environment of Mars. Ask your child to use their writing to explain the science behind their mission.


Space is an enthralling subject that captures the interest of people of all ages. Kids may improve their writing abilities while learning about the wonders of the cosmos by completing writing prompts centred on space. The opportunities for inventiveness are limitless, from constructing space stations to developing extraterrestrial animals.

Encouraging children to write about space not only improves their writing skills, but it can also motivate them to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). They can develop a better grasp of the mysteries of the cosmos and the importance of space travel by envisioning themselves as astronauts, space explorers, and scientists.

We hope that these space-themed writing prompts will encourage children to let their imaginations run wild and explore the cosmos through their writing. Who knows, maybe they will be the ones to find the next great interstellar mystery!

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