Rhythmic Workout

Rhythmic Workouts

The aim of these rhythmic workout activities are to develop co-ordination skills when moving in time and being able to keep a steady pulse.

Pulse And Rhythm Walking Activity

Get your children to walk on the spot in time with a steady crotchet pulse. You as the parent will have to clap the steady crotchet beat or alternatively if you have a keyboard many have a metronome function which can be used for this activity. Do not rush, keep your body and arms relaxed and say ‘walk’ on each step.

At the signal ‘minims’ change the pace of your step to minims (one step on every other beat). Way ‘stroll’ on each step. Change smoothly backwards and forwards from crotchets to minims at the signal.

Table of rhythmic values and their corresponding steps and words:


Note ValueMovementSay
Semibreve / Wholevery slow stride‘stride’
Minim / Halfstroll‘stroll’
Crotchet / Quarterwalk‘walk’
Quaver / Eighthgentle jog‘jog-ging’

Try different combinations of these starting with any two. Once your kids are able to change effortlessly between the different note values as called out. Then try it again with three different note values and work up to all four note values.

Pulse and Rhythm Walk and Clap Activity

This time get your kids to walk on the spot to a steady crotchet pulse as in the above activity. This time walk without saying ‘walk’. At the same time clap minims lightly. At the signal ‘change’ swap over and stroll minims and clap crotchets. Repeat until the changes are really smooth.

Try other combinations of stepping and clapping. Try to clap minims and stride semibreves or clap quavers and stroll minims.

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