Hand Drumming

Hand drumming

Hand Drumming is a great exercise for kids to develop co-ordination and rhythmic skills. It is an excellent activity to embed the skill of keeping a steady pulse, make sure that your children are keeping that pulse steady and even. This is a really easy music lesson for any homeschool.

Practice Your Hand Drumming!

Repeat each of the patterns below by drumming on your knees with your hands until you are an expert at it.

  • L R R R / L R R R / L R R R
  • R L L L / R L L L / R L L L
  • L R L R / L R L R / L R L R
  • R R L L / R R L L / R R L L
  • L R R / L R R / L R R
  • R L L / R L L / R L L

Once your children are confident with the above hand drumming practice try putting the hands together.

Right HandR R R RR R R RR R R R
Left HandLLL

Make up some two handed drumming patterns of your own and write them down. Once you have written your own practice hand drumming your own patterns. Make sure that you are keeping a steady even beat.

Once completed make sure your kids can remember the names of the note lengths, semibreves, minims, crotchets, and quavers and how long each note is worth. If they cannot remember review this lesson on pulse.