Family Activities: Make Lasting Memories With These 35 Activities

Are family activities important? How often does your family spend quality time together? For some of you, this may be an uncomfortable question to answer, especially because of how busy most of our lives seem to be these days. After putting in long grueling hours at work and home educating during the week while probably also running your kids all over to different groups, you probably can’t wait to crash out on the couch all weekend long while watching your favorite television show. 

But what message exactly would that be sending to your children? One of the best ways to show someone that you love them is to invest your time and energy back into that individual. I know that as home educators we are constantly investing our time and energy but don’t forget about spending quality time as a family.  

While your children may never come out and say it, or would even go to great lengths to deny it, they desperately long for their mum and dad to spend more quality time with them doing family activities. So, it’s important to make family time a huge priority in your home

These 35 quality family time activities will help create wonderful memories that your kids will cherish for a lifetime.

How to Make it a Habit

Maybe some of you would argue that even though you would love to, there’s simply not enough time left in the week due to your busy schedule to spend a chunk of it with your family. Before these family time activities are shared with you, it’s important for you to come up with a few solutions on how to make quality family time work and become a habit in your household. 

Here are a few ideas that might help with your already hectic schedule.

● Pick out a date and mark it on the calendar

● Get your kids excited by allowing them to choose your family’s next activity

● Remind your family that nothing else takes place on this date unless it’s an emergency

● Schedule a reminder alarm on your phone

● Consider doing one activity every week or at least every other week

● Remember to hit the record button on dad’s football game or mum’s favourite show

Indoor Family Activities

Even when your family is too tired to head out for the day on an adventure, there are still plenty of family quality time activities that you all can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, and surprisingly, you and your kiddos will have a lot of fun doing them. Some may even allow mum and dad to catch up on some much-needed rest while out on the couch. 

These are just a few ideas that you should consider.

1. Build something impressive using legos

2. Play a board game

3. Draw or paint a magnificent picture together

4. Bake cookies together or some of your kid’s favorite food

5. Indulge in an ice cream sundae buffet

6. Create a fort to hide under using blankets and pillows

7. Host a tea party

8. Allow the kids to cook dinner (with supervision of course)

9. Make something nice or tasty to give to a neighbour

10. Family movie night marathon

Outdoor Family Activities

Have you ever noticed that your kids turn into zombies or little monsters after hours and hours of their eyeballs being glued to a screen? You can encourage your kids off of video games and away from their other electronic devices by heading outdoors with them. There are tons of activities that you can do as a family around your house that will help get both you and them some exercise and also a bit of fresh air. Maybe some of these ideas can help remind you of some of the other activities that you used to do as a kid with your family.

11. Play tag or hide-and-seek

12. Enjoy a picnic

13. Lay beneath a dark sky and count the stars

14. Create chalk art

15. Blow bubbles together

16. Have a silly string fight

17. Bust out your old super-soakers

18. Don’t forget about water balloons

19. Go fly a kite

20. Build a snowman or make snow angels

21. Plant a garden with your kids

Family Activities Away from Home

When your family could use a change in scenery that’s a little further away from home, there are endless opportunities that await you. Some of you may think that spending quality time with your family away from home always involves spending a bunch of money but that’s not necessarily the case. While some of these ideas do require a bit of play money tucked away on your part, many of them won’t cost you a dime yet you’ll still have an amazing time together.

22. Go on more family vacations

23. Head to the zoo

24. Play crazy  golf

25. Pick berries at a nearby orchard

26. Stop in at a kid’s museum

27. Go for a hike

28. Soak in the sun at the beach

29. Get some exercise with a Frisbee 

30. Give geocaching a try (It’s like a real treasure hunt)

31. Catch a ballgame (dad will certainly enjoy this one)

32. Go on a camping trip

33. Get your family pictures taken outdoors

34. Visit a family-friendly interactive farm

35. Witness neat sea creatures at the aquarium

As I wrap this up there’s one last thing I’d like to share with you. The time that you have with your children is incredibly short and precious.  How will you use the time that you have with them? One day you’ll wake up and your sports teams and hobbies that you enjoy will still be there, but your kids will be all grown-up. Now is the time to build those relationships and memories with your kids, and these quality time activities are a few wonderful ways to do so.