When Homeschool Day Fails

Today has been a rough day.  Do you ever have one of those days where everyone seems to just get out of the wrong side of bed?  Well today was one of those days. When you home educate some days are like that, not everything is sunshine and roses.   

Today was hard.  Emotions were high and patience was low. I thought why did I even get out of bed!

It is real life and things do go wrong and we get frustrated.  As a mum you give everything and everyday to your children, to your homeschool, to educating them.  You probably do a lot of reading,  a lot of planning,  you want things to be fun!

What can you do when the homeschool day fails?

What can you do when the homeschool day fails and doesn’t go as planned?  Do you hide away and drink coffee?  Or is that just me!

Truthfully though the first thing I do is pause the lessons. Sometimes it is you who doesn’t feel like home educating, it is not always the children who push back and upset the plans for the day. Maybe you’re tired or have other things on your mind. 

If in the midst of your bad homeschool day, you suddenly realize that it always gets like this at a specific time, then you might need to change something.  Perhaps your children have sat for too long and need to get up and burn off some energy. 

Is the material/curriculum you are using still working?  If it is not the curriculum then perhaps you just need a change for a few days or weeks.  Try changing things up a bit by perhaps introducing a unit study.

If it is you that feels the day is failing, reach out to other home educators you know.  You may just need that little chat with a fellow homeschooler.  

Sometimes there are days when you or the children just need a day off to do something for yourselves. Remember you don’t have to hit the floor running every single day, you’re all only human, give yourselves  a break.

When having a hard day allow some down time because emotions are tiring. Have some quiet time, all go for a walk, play a game or have a cuppa, whatever works for you and your family.

In this world of constant comparisons it sometimes seems that you are the only family having a bad day. Guess what, no family will have perfect days everyday. 

There are so many things that can go wrong in a homeschool day or any day. It just feels worse when you home educate and trying to teach your children and everything seems magnified when these things happen.

Don’t let this get you down. We are all only humans so if you get to that point in a day when you feel you can’t go on then stop and let your children and you chill for the day.

What next?

We pick ourselves up and try again tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new, fresh day and you can pick up where you left off.  Homeschool fail days are opportunities for us and our children to grow.   Know that you are not alone in the struggles you are feeling, we all have bad days.

When Homeschool Day Fails

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