Nature Writing Prompts For Kids

Nature Writing Prompts for Kids

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These nature-based writing prompts can encourage children to explore different aspects of the natural world, from the smallest insects to the largest ecosystems. By using their imaginations to create stories and descriptions, children can deepen their appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the environment around them.

These creative nature writing prompts will spark children’s imagination

  • Imagin that you are a bird flying over a forest. Describe what you see and hear and what it feels like to be soaring through the air.
  • Write a story about a hike through the wilderness. What do you see and hear along the way and what surprises or challenges do you encounter?
  • Choose a natural landscape such as a mountain or beach and describe it in detail. What colours, sounds and smells can you imagine?
  • Write a letter to a friend describing a recent outdoor adventure. What did you see and do and how did it make you feel?
  • Write a poem about the changing seasons. How does the natural world transform as the weather shifts from winter to spring or summer to autumn?
  • Write a letter to a future generation describing the importance of protecting the natural world. What are the consequences of not taking care of the environmnet and what can we do to make a positive difference?

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Free nature writing prompts for kids

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Nature Writing Prompts for Kids

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