Halloween Writing Prompts for Kids

Halloween Writing Prompts

As the leaves take on vibrant hues and the air turns crisp, Halloween brings more than just spooky chills—it also delivers a hearty dose of laughter as. a mystical atmosphere settles, inviting young minds to explore the enchanting realm of Halloween writing prompts.  This is a time when imagination takes centre stage, weaving tales that send shivers down the spine yet warm the heart. 

Engaging children in creative writing during Halloween not only fosters their literary skills but also allows them to immerse themselves in a world where the ordinary turns extraordinary, and the supernatural mingles with the mundane.

Halloween Writing Prompts

Haunted Settings

The eerie abandoned mansion

As the moon casts an ethereal glow upon its crumbling façade, young writers can transport themselves into a mansion where secrets whisper from every corner, and hidden passages hold mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

Mysterious fog-covered graveyard 

A scene set within a graveyard enshrouded in mist can evoke emotions and spark narratives about ghostly encounters, forgotten histories, and the bonds that link the living and the departed.

Creaky old haunted forest 

The rustling leaves and haunting cries of nocturnal creatures provide the backdrop for stories that lead curious protagonists into the heart of a forest concealing ancient spells, mythical creatures, and forgotten realms.

Comical Costumes

The unexpected Halloween costume mix-up

Imagine a tale where two friends accidentally swap costumes, leading to hilarious situations as they navigate the day in outfits they never anticipated wearing.

Designing a hilarious DIY costume 

Encourage young writers to dream up wacky and imaginative do-it-yourself costume ideas that result in side-splitting adventures.

The adventures of a reluctant trick-or-treater 

Craft a story about a character who’d rather stay indoors but gets dragged into trick-or-treating by an enthusiastic friend, leading to comical escapades around the neighbourhood.

Candy Capers

The mischievous candy-stealing ghost 

Set the stage for a ghost who can’t resist sneaking candy from trick-or-treat bags, only to face the unexpected consequences of a sugar rush.

The magical candy that grants unusual powers 

Invite young writers to explore the hilarity of candy that grants temporary superpowers, leading to comical situations as characters grapple with their newfound abilities.

Enchanted Characters

The friendly vampire in search of a friend 

Imaginations can conjure amiable vampires who, tired of their solitary existence, seek companionship, leading to unexpected friendships that challenge stereotypes and teach valuable lessons.

The talking black cat with magical powers 

A bewitching feline with the gift of speech can guide young writers on adventures through realms of magic and mischief, encouraging creativity and imaginative thinking.

Spooky Adventures

Lost in a haunted maze 

The labyrinthine corridors of a haunted maze offer opportunities for suspenseful storytelling as young protagonists navigate their way through twists and turns, encountering both frightful creatures and hidden clues.

Uncovering a hidden treasure in the pumpkin patch 

Amongst the sea of pumpkins, an undiscovered treasure can spark tales of daring exploration, teamwork, and unexpected rewards for those who dare to venture into the unknown.

Ghostly Giggles

The ghost who becomes a stand-up comedian 

Introduce a ghost who decides to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, leading to hilarious attempts to make the living laugh.

A ghostly sleepover with friendly phantoms 

Craft a heartwarming and humorous story about a group of friendly ghosts who host a sleepover, sharing spooky tales and silly antics.

A haunted house with a knock-knock joke doorbell 

Invite young authors to create a tale about a haunted house where the doorbell only responds to knock-knock jokes, resulting in a whimsical and interactive experience.

Trick-or-Treat Tech

A robot’s first Halloween trick-or-treating experience 

Imagine a robot experiencing its first Halloween, attempting to navigate the social nuances of trick-or-treating with hilarious robotic precision.

A haunted smartphone app causing spooky surprises 

Craft a story where a smartphone app designed for Halloween fun starts creating real-world spooky situations, leading to humorous chaos.

Tales of Transformation

A pumpkin that comes to life as a talking jack-o’-lantern 

Children can spin tales about enchanted pumpkins, granting a voice to these iconic symbols of the season, and exploring themes of friendship, courage, and the magic of belief.

Discovering a potion that grants unusual magical abilities 

By introducing a potion with peculiar effects, young writers can embark on adventures where characters discover their newfound powers, learning valuable lessons along the way.

Spine-Tingling Halloween Mysteries

The case of the disappearing candy bowl 

Mysteries involving Halloween-themed enigmas can prompt children to develop problem-solving skills as their characters work to uncover the truth behind puzzling occurrences.

Investigating the strange occurrences at the haunted carnival 

Haunted carnivals can serve as eerie backdrops for stories of young detectives navigating spooky rides, sideshow attractions, and ghostly performers to solve perplexing mysteries.

Solving the riddle of the talking tombstone 

Incorporating elements of riddles and wordplay, tales of deciphering messages from talking tombstones can challenge young minds while igniting their passion for language and logic.

Wacky Witchcraft

The hilarious consequences of a beginner witch’s spell 

Spin a yarn about a young witch who struggles with spell-casting, leading to comical and unexpected outcomes that keep readers in stitches.

A witch’s comedic attempts at potion-making 

Follow the misadventures of a witch as she brews potions with laugh-out-loud consequences, involving floating frogs, sparkly sneezes, and more.

A broomstick with a mind of its own 

Imagine a broomstick that has a cheeky personality, leading to a witch’s wild and humorous ride through the sky as the broomstick misbehaves.


In a world where digital distractions abound, encouraging young minds to embark on creative Halloween writing prompts is a gift that nurtures their imagination, hones their communication skills, and fosters a love for storytelling. These Halloween writing prompts serve as stepping stones into a realm where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, allowing children to explore the depths of their creativity while discovering the magic that lies within words.

While Halloween may have its eerie moments, infusing humour into the season is like sprinkling pumpkin spice on everything—it adds a dash of fun and delight. So, as the leaves rustle and the nights grow longer, let these prompts inspire young writers to conjure stories that illuminate the enchantment of Halloween and the power of their own imaginations.

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