Wild Writing Adventures: Zoo Writing Prompts

Zoo Writing Prompts with picture of zoo animals

Writing prompts are an excellent method to encourage children’s creativity, and what better way to do so than by drawing inspiration from the zoo? Here are some great zoo writing prompts to try with your children. Have some fun and get creative!

Zoo Writing Prompts

Describe an Animal

Choose an animal that your child finds interesting, and have them describe it in detail. Encourage them to think about the animal’s appearance, behaviour, habitat, and anything else that comes to mind.

  • What does the animal eat?
  • How does it move?
  • What is its natural habitat like?
  • What are some interesting facts about the animal?

If Animals Could Talk

Ask your child to imagine what it would be like if animals could talk. What would they say? What kind of conversations would they have?

  • Would they speak the same language as humans?
  • What kind of personalities would different animals have?
  • How would animals interact with humans?

A Day in the Life of an Animal

Have your child choose an animal and imagine what their daily routine might be like. What do they do in the morning? How do they spend their day? What do they do at night?

  • What kind of activities do they engage in?
  • Who do they interact with?
  • What challenges might they face during their day?

Create a New Animal

Encourage your child to use their imagination and come up with a brand new animal. What does it look like? What is its personality like? What kind of habitat does it live in?

  • What is its name?
  • What does it eat?
  • What kind of special abilities or features does it have?

Visit to the Zoo

Ask your child to imagine they’re taking a trip to the zoo. Have them describe the animals they see, the sounds they hear, and the smells they encounter.

  • Which animals are their favourite?
  • How do they feel about the zoo environment?
  • What is their overall impression of the zoo?
Zoo writing prompts

The Zookeeper’s Day

Ask your child to imagine what it would be like to be a zookeeper for the day. What kind of tasks would they need to do? How would they care for the animals?

  • What kind of animals would they take care of?
  • What kind of equipment would they need?
  • What challenges might they face during their day?

Animal Adventures

Have your child choose an animal and imagine what kind of adventures they might go on. Where would they go? Who would they meet?

  • What kind of dangers might they face?
  • Who would be their friends and allies?
  • How would they solve any problems they encounter?

Animal Classification

Get your child to choose an animal and research its classification. Have them write a report on the animal’s family, genus, and species.

  • What are some other animals in the same family or genus?
  • How is the animal adapted to its environment?
  • What kind of threats does the animal face in the wild?

Animal Poetry

Encourage your child to get creative with some animal-themed poetry. Have them choose an animal and write a poem about it.

  • What kind of imagery can they use to describe the animal?
  • What emotions do they associate with the animal?
  • What kind of rhythm and rhyme scheme will they use?

Zoo Design

Have your child imagine they’re designing a brand new zoo. What kind of animals would they include? What kind of habitats would they build?

  • How would they ensure the animals are comfortable and happy?
  • What kind of attractions and amenities would they include for visitors?
  • How would they balance the needs of the animals and the visitors?

Animal Interviews

Encourage your child to interview an animal of their choice. They can use their imagination to think of questions and answers from the animal’s perspective.

  • What kind of questions would they ask?
  • How would the animal respond?
  • What kind of personality would they give the animal?

Zoo News Report

Ask your child to imagine they’re a journalist reporting on a major event that has happened at the zoo. They can use their creativity to invent the story.

  • What kind of event has happened?
  • Who are the key players in the story?
  • How will the story end?

Animal Habitat Descriptions

Choose an animal and have your child write a detailed description of its habitat. They can include information about the climate, landscape, and other plants and animals that live there.

  • What kind of adaptations does the animal have to survive in its habitat?
  • What kind of challenges might the animal face?
  • How do humans impact the animal’s habitat?

Animal Superpowers

Encourage your child to choose an animal and imagine what kind of superpowers it might have. They can create a story or comic book about the animal’s adventures.

  • What kind of superpowers would the animal have?
  • What kind of challenges would they use their powers to overcome?
  • Who would be the animal’s enemies and allies?

Zoo Etiquette

Ask your child to imagine they’re writing a guide to zoo etiquette for visitors. They can include tips on how to behave around the animals, how to stay safe, and how to have a good time.

  • What kind of behaviour is expected of visitors?
  • What are some safety tips for visitors?
  • How can visitors make the most of their zoo experience?

Animal Emotions

Ask your child to imagine what kind of emotions animals might feel. They can choose an animal and write a story or poem about its emotional life.

  • What kind of emotions might the animal feel?
  • What kind of experiences might trigger these emotions?
  • How might the animal express its emotions?

Zoo Conservation

Encourage your child to research a zoo conservation project and write a report about it. They can include information about the species being protected, the challenges faced, and the successes achieved.

  • What kind of threats does the species face?
  • What kind of measures are being taken to protect the species?
  • How successful has the project been?

Zoo Comparison

Ask your child to compare two different zoos they’ve visited or researched. They can write a report about the similarities and differences between the two zoos.

  • What kind of animals do the zoos have in common?
  • How are the zoos designed differently?
  • What kind of visitor experience do the zoos offer?

Zoo Mystery

Encourage your child to create a mystery story set in a zoo. They can choose an animal or zoo employee as the protagonist and use their imagination to create a compelling story.

  • What kind of mystery will the story involve?
  • Who will be the suspects and how will the mystery be solved?
  • How will the animals be involved in the story?

Zoo Field Trip Report

Ask your child to write a report about a recent or imaginary field trip to the zoo. They can include information about the animals they saw, what they learned, and what they enjoyed.

  • What kind of animals did they see?
  • What did they learn about the animals?
  • What was their favourite part of the field trip?


Zoo writing prompts are a great way to keep your child engaged, creative, and learning. With so many ideas to choose from, there’s something for everyone. So why not try some of these prompts and see where your child’s imagination takes them? Alternatively see if your child can make up there own zoo writing prompts to use in their writing.