Writing Prompts About Volcanoes

Writing Prompts about Volcanoes with a drawing of a volcano

Volcanoes stand as nature’s awe-inspiring wonders, evoking both fear and fascination. In the realm of writing, they offer a canvas for capturing the raw power of nature. With writing prompts about volcanoes embark on fiery adventures through descriptive, character-driven, adventurous, and historical narratives.

Descriptive Volcano Writing Prompts

Spark your creativity with these prompts to vividly describe volcanic eruptions, engaging your readers’ senses.


Imagine you’re witnessing a volcanic eruption firsthand. Describe the plumes of ash billowing skyward, the molten lava flowing down the mountainside, and the fiery explosions lighting up the night. How would you convey the awe-inspiring spectacle to your readers?


Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of a volcanic eruption. Describe the ominous rumbling preceding the eruption. Detail the sharp hissing of steam escaping from vents, and the thunderous booms shaking the earth. How would you recreate these sounds in your writing to evoke a sense of urgency and danger?


Inhale deeply and imagine the distinct smells of a volcanic eruption. Describe the pungent sulfuric odours hanging in the air, the scent of scorched earth and vegetation, and the faint hint of sweetness underlying the overpowering stench. How would you use these smells to set the scene and evoke a visceral reaction from your readers?


Visualise yourself standing amidst a volcanic eruption. Describe the trembling ground beneath your feet and the intense heat radiating from the lava flows. Write in detail about the gritty ash raining down like snowflakes. How would you convey the physical sensations of fear and awe in your writing, immersing your readers in the heart of the volcanic chaos?

Character-Driven Writing Prompts

A volcanologist’s daring expedition:

Put yourself in the shoes of a seasoned volcanologist embarking on a daring expedition to study an active volcano. Describe the challenges faced, from navigating treacherous terrain to predicting unpredictable eruptions. Reflect on the discoveries made during the expedition, such as stumbling upon rare mineral formations or unearthing ancient artefacts buried beneath layers of ash.

Imagine you’re a novice volcanologist on your first field assignment to study an active volcano. Detail the personal growth experienced throughout the expedition, from overcoming fears of the unknown to developing resilience in the face of adversity. How does the journey transform you as a scientist and as an individual?

A local tribe’s spiritual connection:

Step into the world of a local tribe deeply connected to a sacred volcanic mountain. Explore the legends and myths surrounding the volcano, passed down through generations. Write about the rituals and ceremonies performed by the tribe to appease the fiery gods believed to reside within the mountain’s depths. How does this spiritual connection shape the tribe’s culture and traditions?

Adventure Volcano Writing Prompts

Embark on thrilling adventures set amidst the fiery chaos of volcanic eruptions with these prompts:

A thrilling rescue mission:

Put yourself in the shoes of a daring rescue team tasked with evacuating villagers from the path of an impending volcanic eruption. Write about the race against time as you navigate through remote settlements. Detail the obstacles you overcome such as ash clouds, lava flows, and collapsed bridges. Pause to reflect on the heroic acts of bravery and selflessness witnessed during the mission

Imagine you’re a survivor of a volcanic eruption, trapped amidst the devastation and awaiting rescue. Write about your experiences as you watch the rescue team approach. Detail the emotions of fear, hope, and gratitude that surge through you. How do you cope with the imminent danger and uncertainty of the situation?

A daring heist:

Step into the shoes of a mastermind orchestrating a daring heist to steal a priceless artefact from the crater of an active volcano. Describe the meticulous planning and preparation involved in executing the heist, from studying the volcano’s terrain to navigating treacherous lava tubes and vents. Detail the unexpected twists and narrow escapes encountered along the way.

With these prompts, writers are encouraged to craft gripping narratives of adventure and intrigue, immersing readers in high-stakes scenarios set against the backdrop of volcanic eruptions and their aftermath.

Historical Writing Prompts About Volcanoes

Explore the tumultuous history of volcanic eruptions through these prompts, inviting writers to delve into the past and weave tales of survival, tragedy, and resilience:

A first-hand account of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD:

Put yourself in the shoes of a witness to the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Write a detailed first-hand account of the eruption, vividly describing the sights, sounds, and sensations experienced during the disaster. Reflect on the impact of the eruption on the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, capturing the chaos and devastation wrought by nature’s fury.

Imagine you’re a survivor of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, recounting your harrowing escape from the ash and lava that engulfed the city. Write a personal narrative of survival, detailing the moments of terror, loss, and resilience amidst the chaos. How does the experience of the eruption shape your perspective on life and death?

A fictional tale set during the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883:

Step into the world of 1883 and imagine yourself amidst the global impact of the massive eruption of Krakatoa. Write a fictional tale set during the eruption, exploring the experiences of characters from different walks of life as they navigate the chaos and devastation unleashed by the volcano. How do their lives intersect amidst the unfolding tragedy, and what lessons are learned from the cataclysmic event?

Embrace Volcanic Writing Prompts

In the world of writing, volcanoes aren’t just geological marvels; they’re a source of inspiration. From vivid descriptions to character-driven narratives and historical reflections, volcanic landscapes offer endless possibilities for storytelling.

Whether you’re a seasoned or a beginner eager to explore, dive into the fiery depths of volcanic writing prompts. Let your imagination erupt with stories that captivate and inspire, transporting readers to the heart of nature’s fiery majesty. With writing prompts about volcanoes as your guide, your creativity knows no bounds. It’s time to unleash your inner writer and let your words flow like molten lava.

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