53 Writing Prompts About Sadness

writing prompts about sadness with a photo of a lone person looking out to sea

Sadness is a universal emotion that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. For writers, expressing sadness through writing can be both therapeutic and creatively inspiring. Whether you’re looking to delve into your own emotions or develop a deeper understanding of your characters, writing prompts can be an invaluable tool. 

In this blog post, we’ve have 53 poignant writing prompts about sadness to help you explore and express this complex emotion in your writing.

Sad Writing Prompts

  1. Write about a time you felt really alone.
  2. Describe when you realized you lost something or someone important.
  3. Write a letter to someone you miss.
  4. Imagine a world where everyone is always sad. What caused it?
  5. Describe a rainy day from the perspective of someone with a broken heart.
  6. Write about a sad dream you often have.
  7. Create a story where a character says goodbye to their best friend.
  8. Write about a family heirloom and the memories it brings.
  9. Describe a moment of regret that still bothers you.
  10. Write about finding an old photo album and the memories it brings back.
  11. Pen a poem about unrequited love.
  12. Describe visiting a graveyard.
  13. Write about a time you felt misunderstood.
  14. Imagine a character who can’t cry. What happens when they finally do?
  15. Write a letter from a character to their younger self.
  16. Describe when you realized someone close to you changed.
  17. Write about the sound of silence in an empty house.
  18. Imagine a character receiving letters from someone they thought was gone.
  19. Write about coming home to an empty house.
  20. Describe a scent that reminds you of someone you lost.
  21. Write about finding a journal entry from years ago.
  22. Start a story with a funeral.
  23. Describe when a character knows they won’t achieve their dream.
  24. Write about leaving home forever.
  25. Describe the first time you felt true heartbreak.
  26. Write a story about letting go of a childhood pet.
  27. Describe a song that always makes you cry and why.
  28. Write about watching someone you love slowly fade away.
  29. Imagine a character writing letters to a lost loved one they never send.
  30. Write about a place that used to make you happy but now brings sadness.
  31. Describe forgiving someone who deeply hurt you.
  32. Write about packing up a loved one’s belongings.
  33. Imagine finding an old forgotten toy.
  34. Describe driving away from a beloved place for the last time.
  35. Write about a character losing their sense of purpose.
  36. Describe the first snowfall after a significant loss.
  37. Write about facing a character’s greatest fear.
  38. Describe when a character finally accepts their sadness.
  39. Write about finding comfort in an unexpected place.
  40. Imagine a world where people can trade memories.
  41. Write about making a difficult goodbye.
  42. Describe feeling like you’re fading away.
  43. Write about hearing a loved one’s voice after a long time.
  44. Describe watching someone you care about walk away.
  45. Write about finding a letter you never sent.
  46. Describe the first night in a new, unfamiliar place.
  47. Write about keeping a box of memories.
  48. Describe holding onto a painful secret.
  49. Write about a place that only exists in memory.
  50. Describe healing from deep sadness.
  51. Write about finding solace in a solitary activity.
  52. Describe finding an old letter from a loved one.
  53. Write about letting go of a dream.

Exploring sadness through writing can be a powerful way to understand and process this deep emotion. These prompts are designed to help you tap into your feelings and bring authenticity to your writing. Whether you’re writing for yourself or creating stories for others, let these prompts guide you through the complexities of sadness and inspire meaningful expression.

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