Writing Prompts About Diwali

Writing Prompts About Diwali with a family holding lights and three lit candles

Diwali is the most critical and much-expected festival in India and for all Indian communities worldwide. It represents a victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Families get together for Diwali celebrations with decorations all over the house, festive foods, and numerous rituals. 

The following article will embark on a more vivid tapestry of Diwali through creative writing, including some general story starters and plenty of writing ideas to be adapted by writers of any age and background.

The Significance of Creative Writing during Diwali

Creative writing is an excellent medium for expressing thoughts, feelings, and cultural aspects. Using writing prompts during Diwali, students can:

  • Enhance creativity and imagination by encouraging writers to explore new perspectives.
  • Enhance writing skills with exercises that are both well-structured and flexible.
  • Allow for a personal reflection of cultural celebrations by a community or individual’s experience.

Writing Prompts about Diwali

Family and Traditions

  1. Describe your family’s Diwali celebrations. What makes them unique?
  2. Write about a memorable Diwali from your childhood. What made it special?
  3. Imagine a Diwali celebration 50 years in the future. How might traditions evolve?
  4. Describe the preparation process for Diwali in your home. What tasks are involved?
  5. Write about a family tradition unique to your Diwali celebrations. How did it start?
  6. Narrate the story of your first Diwali celebration away from home. What feelings did it evoke?
  7. Describe the significance of cleaning and decorating the house during Diwali. Why is it important?
  8. Write about a family member who plays a central role in your Diwali celebrations. What do they do?
  9. Describe the feeling of wearing new clothes during Diwali. How does it make you feel?
  10. Write about the experience of visiting relatives during Diwali. What do you look forward to?

Lights and Decorations

  1. Describe the process of creating a rangoli. What patterns and colours do you use?
  2. Imagine the diyas (lamps) could talk. What stories would they tell?
  3. Write about the experience of lighting fireworks. How does it feel?
  4. Describe the sights, sounds, and smells of Diwali night. What stands out the most?
  5. Imagine you are a diya lighting up the night. Describe your perspective.
  6. Write about the symbolism of light overcoming darkness during Diwali. Why is it significant?
  7. Describe the most beautiful Diwali decoration you’ve ever seen. What made it special?
  8. Write a story where the Diwali lights lead to a magical discovery. What happens next?
  9. Describe the feelings associated with decorating your home for Diwali. What emotions do you experience?
  10. Write about the experience of shopping for Diwali decorations. What do you look for?

Food and Festivities Writing Prompts about Diwali

  1. Describe your favourite Diwali sweet or snack. What makes it your favourite?
  2. Write about the preparation of a traditional Diwali feast. What dishes are included?
  3. Write about a cooking disaster that turned into a memorable Diwali moment. What happened?
  4. Describe the significance of sharing food during Diwali. Why is it important?
  5. Write a story involving a magical mithai (sweet) shop. What makes it magical?
  6. Describe the aromas of a kitchen preparing for Diwali. What smells do you associate with the festival?
  7. Write about the experience of exchanging sweets with neighbours. How does it build community?
  8. Describe a new dish you tried during Diwali. What was it like?
  9. Write about the role of food in bringing people together during Diwali. How does it create connections?

Celebrations and Rituals

  1. Describe the process of performing a Diwali puja (prayer). What rituals are involved?
  2. Write about the significance of the goddess Lakshmi during Diwali. Why is she important?
  3. Imagine a Diwali celebration in a different country. Describe the similarities and differences.
  4. Write about the experience of attending a Diwali mela (fair). What attractions are there?
  5. Describe the feeling of receiving Diwali gifts. What gifts have you received?
  6. Write about a Diwali tradition from a region different from yours. How do they celebrate?
  7. Describe the significance of the festival’s five days. What happens each day?
  8. Write about the preparations for Diwali in your community. What events take place?
  9. Describe a Diwali event at your school or workplace. How is it celebrated?
  10. Write about the significance of the Diwali cleaning ritual. Why do people clean their homes?

Stories and Myths

  1. Retell the story of Rama and Sita with a modern twist. How would it change?
  2. Write about the legend of Narakasura and its significance to Diwali. What lessons does it teach?
  3. Imagine you are a character in the Ramayana. Describe your Diwali.
  4. Write a story inspired by the return of Rama to Ayodhya. What emotions are involved?
  5. Describe the Diwali night from the perspective of an animal. How do they experience it?
  6. Write about the mythical creatures associated with Diwali. What roles do they play?
  7. Imagine you are an archaeologist discovering ancient Diwali artefacts. What do you find?
  8. Describe a Diwali celebration in the time of kings and queens. How would it differ from today?
  9. Write a story about a lost Diwali tradition being rediscovered. What is the tradition?
  10. Describe the significance of the Diwali festival to different deities. How do they influence the celebrations?

Diwali is a festival rich with traditions, stories, and vibrant celebrations. These writing prompts are designed to help you explore the various aspects of Diwali through creative writing. Whether you are looking for story starters or writing ideas, these prompts will guide you in crafting unique and personal pieces that reflect the essence of this beautiful festival.

We encourage you to try out these prompts and share your stories with others. If you enjoyed these writing ideas, subscribe to our newsletter for more story starters and writing topics. Let the light of Diwali illuminate your creativity and inspire your writing journey.