Homemade Instruments: Music-Making Made Easy

Homemade instruments: music making made easy

Making your own homemade instruments with your kids is not only fun but can also help your kids to learn and explore the world of music by making their own instruments.  In this post I will show and explain how to make some homemade instruments using everyday material you probably already have at home so let’s get started.

Homemade Instruments: Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments are the ones that make a sound when hit or shaken. There are a lot of different percussion instruments that you can make at home with some easy materials.

To make a drum, you’ll need a container with a lid, such as a coffee tin or biscuit tin. First decorate the outside of the container with paint, markers, or stickers. You may want to stick coloured paper to the tin and then decorate the tin.  Next find something that you can hit the tin with such as a wood spoon or try a metal spoon for a different sound.  Another implement that you could try hitting the tin with is something soft such as a feather duster.  Experiment making different sounds by using different items to hit your tin.  If you have several different sized tins, listen to see if they make different sounds with the same item hitting them. 

Another easy percussion instrument to make is a shaker. You’ll need a container, such as a plastic bottle or a pringles carton, and something to fill it with, such as rice, beans, or beads. Fill the container about halfway and then seal it shut with tape or glue. Now you have a homemade shaker that you can shake to make music!  You can decorate the outside again using paint, stickers and coloured paper.

There are many other percussion instruments you can make at home and with a little creativity, you can make all sorts of fun percussion instruments and start your own band!

Homemade Wind Instruments

Sound is made with a wind instrument by blowing air into them. One easy wind instrument to make is a pan flute. For this, you’ll need some straws and some tape. Cut the straws into different lengths, starting with the longest at one side and getting shorter towards the other side. Line up the straws at one end and tape them together. Then, blow across the top of the straws to make music!

Another wind instrument you can make is a straw oboe. For this, you’ll need a straw, scissors, and some tape. Cut one end of the straw at an angle to make a point. Then, cut a small rectangle out of the side of the straw near the point. Fold the rectangle down to make a reed. Finally, put your mouth over the top of the straw and blow to make music!

Homemade String Instruments

An easy string instrument to make is a rubber band guitar. For this, you’ll need a tissue box or shoebox and some rubber bands or different thicknesses. Stretch the rubber bands over the top of the box and pluck the rubber bands to make music. See if the different thicknesses of rubber bands make different sounds 


Creating homemade instruments is an exciting and creative way to learn about music. With just a few items from around the house, you can make your own instruments and create your own music. Why not give it a try? Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite instrument!

Creating homemade instruments is a creative and exciting approach to learn about music. You may make your own percussion, wind, and string instruments out of household materials and create your own music. This is a terrific way to express yourself and have fun, but it may also help you learn more about music and enhance your creativity. So why not give it a shot? Who knows, you might just find your new favourite instrument!