Different Homeschooling Methods and Approaches

When people think about homeschooling many seem to imagine a family sitting at a table writing in their workbooks whilst mum or dad sit nearby looking on.  This is not really the case and there are various different homeschooling methods for families to choose.  The method that you as a family choose will decide or at least help you decide on the curriculum and your style of teaching.  Here is a short introduction about some of the most popular homeschool methods or approaches.

The Eclectic Homeschool Method

The eclectic homeschool method is a mixture of various homeschool methods.  Here the parent picks out the topics, resources and material that make the best curriculum for their children.  Such parents are continuously looking for the best material that will meet the needs of their children.  There is no set eclectic curriculum as the parent puts together the curriculum to accommodate the individual needs and interests of their children.  This post goes into the Eclectic Homeschool Method in further detail.

The Charlotte Mason Homeschool Method

Charlotte Mason was a British Educator who was born in 1842.  In her writings she wanted children to be educated from a wide and liberal curriculum. The emphasis on Mason’s homeschool method is placed on quality literature which she coupled with narration.  Mason believed that development of good character and behavior was essential to the complete development of the child’s personality. For more information read this post.

Unschooling Homeschool Method

A Boston public educator named John Hold laid the beginnings off the unschooling method.  He believed that children learn best when they are free to learn at their own pace and when they are guided by their own interests.  This homeschool method is a hands-on approach to learning where the parent takes clues from the child and facilitates.  There is no definite curriculum, schedule or material.  This approach is probably the most unstructured of the various homeschooling methods. Read more about this method here.

The Montessori Homeschool Method

This homeschool method began in Italy when it was observed that children appear to have acute sensitive periods during which they have periods of intense concentration.  During these periods children will repeat an activity until they have gained a sense of self satisfaction.  The Montessori approach depends on a prepared environment to facilitate learning.  The material used in this method ranges from simple to complex.  The drawback to this method is that the material and resources needed are rather expensive. Find out more about this methods.

Traditional School at Home Methods

The School at home method of homeschooling looks a lot like a traditional school method with workbooks, textbooks, quizzes and even tests.  The children learn information from a textbook and then fill in the workbook that goes with the textbook.

Whatever homeschool method you choose, the underlying factor is flexibility and a keen interest in the desires of your children. The secret is to use children’s desire for knowledge to further their education.